About me

Hello buddy blogger! Introduce my long name Rizky Aditya. Surely there is a strange yes with my name? Surely you say like artist name? Haha 
Experience blogging

Yeah my name is not made ", anyway there is a difference that really Re with Ri hehe What is the importance? * Krik krik 

Call me a lot I want Adit may want to iki may be the point as you please lah😂 

My age is now 20 years and still the status of loneliness that haqiqi hehe.Let aja there are bloggers of women who are sensitive to what is what my words just 

said.my house is located in the area cibadak Sukabumi district, West Java.If there is a blogger friend who would stop by here please only, my house is always open to people well, we are together in front of rice fields that can spoil the eye.

My house is in the countryside, its name is also a village blogger. But I am proud to live here, cool here, peaceful, peaceful, because far from the stuffy and crowded urban. 

I am a vocational high school graduate in SMKN 1 Cibadak majoring in fisheries. Strange again huh? How can fisheries majors become bloggers? I do not think there's anything to be dianehin, Because if we intend to learn and earnest then we will be! Agreed not?

I'm a beginner blogger, know bloggers also time at work. Temen deketku then ngomongin about bloggers who can make money. Well I immediately interested tuh because denger can ngasilin money. (Fundamentals eye money!) Do 

not feel 3 years so a blogger, But what my friend said before "blogs that can make money" until now I have never felt. 


Because of my laziness to write articles. That's the obstacle, busy ngurusin blog design but the content is not considered. All to no avail. 

Play adsense but did not go until duitnya ya yes iyalah till the salve aja 200rb aja haha 

Maybe there is one of my bloggers who experience the same experience as me? Meaning we are senasib.wkwk

However, Now InshaAllah I rise up with a new personal blog today built. His blog name is Eh Adit! The name was inspired by my friends who often say Eh Adit, if found. 

In this new blog I will present interesting content and quirky tips for all blogger buddies. 

Before closing the introduction, I want to apologize yes if this article is messy or his words are not uniform and so forth. Understand is a beginner blogger. 

I'm glad if someday anyone will guide me in the blogger world. Hopefully there are some who want ya hehe

Thank you for the chance of my friend who already want to meet with Adit. If you want to chat more privately from heart to heart * ehh or just say hello, my friend can contact me through here yes:


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